CEOTech Services

CEOHR, Century Employer Organization, CEOPEO

About CEOTech

Technology is your business, and being able to focus on advancing your products and services is critical to your success. Unfortunately, the business of being an employer can sometimes get in the way. After all, how can you effectively work towards tomorrow, with so many distractions tied to human resource management, payroll and tax administration, workers’ compensation insurance, and employee benefits consuming your valuable time today? We can help.

At CEOTech, we work closely with our technology industry clients to align their human and capital resources with strategic goals and objectives. Through our state of the art CEOCloud portal, administrative functions become more systems dependent and less people dependent, giving our clients a stronger, more focused organization, armed for growth; with fewer distractions.

Why Choose CEOTech?

  • Access custom, cloud-baesd solutions at a predictable, transparent pricing structure
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Shift internal focus away from non-revenue generating employee-related administrative functions
  • Protect assets by reducing employer liabilities and business risks
  • Governmental compliance assistance
  • Improve work environments in terms of safety
  • Control / contain costs related to workers’ compensation
  • Expand and improve employee benefit offerings
  • Attract and retain the best possible talent

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