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About CEOCause

As a nonprofit organization you face many unique challenges; and today’s economy hasn’t made things any easier. With government funding, and donations on the decline, success requires a relentless focus on managing your time and resources. Unfortunately, administrative functions tied to: human resource management, payroll and tax administration, workers’ compensation insurance, and employee benefits can easily become distractions. CEOCause can help.

At CEOCause, we work closely with our non-profit clients to align their human and capital resources with strategic goals and objectives. Through our carefully selected service delivery platforms our administrative functions give our clients a stronger, more focused organization, armed for growth; with more time to spend fulfilling their mission.

Why Choose CEOCause?

  • Improve focus on your organization’s mission
  • Access integrated HR service delivery strategies with a predictable cost model
  • Dramatically reduce liabilities and business risks
  • Improve governmental compliance
  • Access Affordable Care Act solutions and compliance services
  • Expand employee benefit offerings, and control employee benefit expenses
  • Access industry-specific safety & risk management solutions
  • Access affordable, pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance solutions
  • Attract & retain the best possible talent

“As a nonprofit organization with a small department of administrative staff we decided to outsource our payroll and HR with a full service PEO. CEOHR provides excellent service in all areas of HR, including health benefits administration, legal issues and payroll processing. They provide us with reliable, expert advice and guidance. In addition to their impeccable customer service, we also rely on their expertise to help us find the most affordable and comprehensive benefits packages to provide our employees. We highly recommend CEOHR.”

Michelle Kapreilian, Executive Director
Forty Carrots Family Center


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