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About CEOBrands

Trade associations and franchisors are similar in a lot of ways. The most basic appeal of both is that through joining together, members or owners can accomplish what would be difficult alone. Through the uniting of resources: knowledge, standards, advocacy, group purchasing etc., your organization creates value for your members and owners; and positions them to be more successful in the marketplace. The more value delivered, the more successful the association or franchisor. It’s that simple.

Developed to bring more “bang for your buck” CEOBrands is customized to meet the very specific needs of the customers you serve. With your direction, the CEOBrands team becomes an extension of your organization, not just another vendor.

Why Choose CEOBrands?

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Creates additional value to the membership equation
  • Positions your organization as a true trusted advisor
  • Optional white-label branding eliminates client adoption fears, i.e.- they are simply adding an additional touch point with someone they trust
  • Increases profitability by adding additional product lines and recurring revenue streams
  • Helps attract and retain customers
  • Improves return on human capital investment by reducing the amount of time spent on non-productive employee-related administrative functions.

Benefits to Your Clients

  • Focus internal resources on core competencies and profitability
  • Dramatically reduces employer liabilities and business risks
  • Establishes predictability in operating expenses
  • Creates operating leverage
  • Reduces vulnerability to key employee turnover

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